Paulton & District Skittle League

PPG Tables
PPG Averaged Table.pdf PPG Averaged Table.pdf
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Captains Choice

What are we going to do with the current season
Captains talk to your team and then decide.

Census Report
Census End Report.pdf Census End Report.pdf
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Please read the News page for a summary of the meeting before voting - Thank you.

Option A – Void the Season  -  Void all league and cup games with no prizes and no promotion / relegation.  Your entry fees would carry over until our next FULL season (possibly Sept 2021)

Option B – End the League season on a Points Per Game basis  -  Promote / Relegate and pay out prizes accordingly.  With the hope that the present Cup competitions could resume in January 2021

Captains Only - Please enter your Team Name and then enter  Void or PPG


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