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Next Two Weeks Fixtures

Week 17
22-Jan-20 & 23-Jan-20
Division 1 Week  17
Charlton Aces v Miners
Happy Wanderers v Purnells C.C. A
Somer Sets v Mid Norton C.Club
Woodstones v Welton Rovers
Knighthawkes v Magpies
Octavo v Chewton Exiles
St Josephs A v St Josephs B
Winsleys v P.O.W. Exiles
Division 2 Week  17
Club A v Pathetic Sharks
Crown Jewels v Radstock 8
High Park v Farmborough
Peasedown Rebels v Misfits
Frolicking Farmers v Docile Drifters
Rocky's Lot v Roughedges
Skyvers v Head Hunters
The 'B' Team v Pioneers
Division 3 Week  17
Chilli Crew v Barking Hounds
Jack's Blades v Norton Legion
Odds & Sods v Allsorts
Tailenders v Rancid Gruellers
Alleywhackers v Mendip Boys
Lionhearts v Bees
Seven To One v Gravediggers
Wasters v Muppets
Division 4 Week  17
Ali's Lot v Lofty's 8
Clutton Social Club v Ringomortis
Fly By Nights v Bonus Balls
Peasedown Sports v Rebels
T8 Rabble v Making up the Numbers
Camshafters v Wanderers
Headless Chickens v Beerbellies
Stones Cross v Herberts
Division 5 Week  17
Fosseway Exiles v Mision Impossible
Prattens A v Mad Hatters
Artic Blonde v Railway Ravers
Coleford Leg Rejects v Radstock Relics
Ivor's 8 v Haydon Hurricans
Mat Thumpers v Badger Boys
Rob's Revival v Templars
The Norwest Ten v Dambusters
Division 6 Week  17
After Nines v Eagles
Alley Cats v Free Date
Fleur De Lys v Mother Tuckers
The Seven v Diddy Diamonds
Welton Exiles v Leigh Lyons
White Hart v 617 Squadron
Sopranos v Smilies
The Rec v Prattens B
Week 18
29-Jan-20 & 30-Jan-20
Division 1 Week  18
Miners v Octavo
St Josephs B v Knighthawkes
Welton Rovers v Somer Sets
Chewton Exiles v Winsleys
Magpies v Woodstones
Mid Norton C.Club v St Josephs A
P.O.W. Exiles v Happy Wanderers
Purnells C.C. A v Charlton Aces
Division 2 Week  18
Farmborough v The 'B' Team
Head Hunters v Rocky's Lot
Pathetic Sharks v Peasedown Rebels
Pioneers v Frolicking Farmers
Docile Drifters v Crown Jewels
Misfits v Skyvers
Radstock 8 v High Park
Roughedges v Club A
Division 3 Week  18
Allsorts v Seven To One
Bees v Tailenders
Gravediggers v Jack's Blades
Norton Legion v Wasters
Barking Hounds v Lionhearts
Mendip Boys v Chilli Crew
Muppets v Odds & Sods
Rancid Gruellers v Alleywhackers
Division 4 Week  18
Herberts v T8 Rabble
Making up the Numbers v Fly By Nights
Ringomortis v Headless Chickens
Beerbellies v Camshafters
Bonus Balls v Peasedown Sports
Lofty's 8 v Clutton Social Club
Rebels v Stones Cross
Wanderers v Ali's Lot
Division 5 Week  18
Badger Boys v Fosseway Exiles
Dambusters v Prattens A
Radstock Relics v The Norwest Ten
Railway Ravers v Ivor's 8
Haydon Hurricans v Mat Thumpers
Mad Hatters v Rob's Revival
Mision Impossible v Artic Blonde
Templars v Coleford Legion Rejects
Division 6 Week  18
617 Squadron v The Seven
Diddy Diamonds v After Nines
Prattens B v Alley Cats
Eagles v Welton Exiles
Leigh Lyons v White Hart
Mother Tuckers v Sopranos
Smilies v The Rec
Free Date v Fleur De Lys
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