Paulton & District Skittle League

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Here I will attempt to summarise what is happening in our league.

If there is anything you wish to tell me about your team then please drop me an email.
Well the Wagon & Horses and Headhunters didn't last long, in fact for them it was over before it started.  If we lose many more we could be down to Six divisions next season.   Taxi Joes have moved from the Duke of Cumberland to The Wagon & Horses at Peasedown, still on Thursdays.

I hope most of you have regained your form after the summer break, mine is still missing, if anyone finds it please return it as I need it badly...…. barn door with a shovel has been mentioned.  Well I never, I hit 49 last week and we still lost... DOH !

League Update Week 7:-
After 7 games Winsleys lead the way with 33 points. Haydon Hurricans, Pioneers and Mat Thumpers have also made good starts.   Welton Exiles still looking for their first win, may be this week !
A marked improvement in the late cards, now only 9, and 5 postponed games.

My team Crown Jewels after winning 3 divisions in succession have still not found their form this season,  and have only won one out of 7 league games in div 2.  "We don't start till after carnival week anyway".  Hope for better things to come lads n lasses.  😂 🤞

Official Bits:-
Paul Derrick has volunteered to stand as Chairman, as this was not in time for the AGM he will be interim Chairman for this year and take up his post officially at the next AGM, provided that's what the members decide.  Ron Edgell will revert to Vice Chairman.

Can all captains please check that your contact details are correct on our Captain's Log page.
We also advise all members to read the current League Rules.  -  Thank You.

Captain's Log Page:-
Due to recent changes in Data Protection Laws we have decided to protect your data (Phone numbers & e-mails).   I informed all members at the AGM and sent out emails to all members with email addresses.

However there are still members who don't know how to access this page.... 
There will be a clue before you log in.....

What's the point in having a deadline for payment of League Fees if 20 or so teams fail to pay and there's no punishment, same with attending meetings, late starts and late cards.   There is no longer any deterrent !


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