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Can all captains please check that your contact details are correct on our Captains Log page, and I advise all members to read the current League Rules.

Web Manager's Musings

I know skittles is just a pub game and it's not to be taken too seriously but we have rules which govern our league.  Too many games are starting after 9pm - Personally I would make the start time 8.30pm and introduce stronger sanctions, that could be fines or points deductions for consistent offending teams.  Away teams arriving after 8.45pm is just not good enough, and some HOME teams are late on their own alleys.  But once again the ruling body has decided not to punish teams that constantly abuse these rules....

However there is a proviso within the rules which states that persistent rule abusers will be dealt with by the 'League Management Committee', but for some reason this is not the case !   It is not for one member of the board to arbitrarily decide on a course of action, it is a matter for the whole committee.

League Board & Committee

We are still in need of cover for vital positions on the board & committee.  We urgently require a new Chairperson and someone to assist the League Secretary.

Now that more and more members depend on this website for their information I would appreciate it if another person stepped forward to help with Website Advertising and be a back up to update the website if I was ever ill or on holiday.

These 'new recruits' will need to have some free time and be computer literate as most of the league is ran from a Master Program, so a knowledge of Microsoft Excel would be a great advantage, although training will be given Graham and myself.

Also  anyone wishing to join the committee is more than welcome to do so at any time. 

If you would like to help and think you fit the bill then please contact us.  Thank you.


When Graham eventually stands down, yes that day will come, I think no one man/woman could fill his shoes, it may be best at this point to split his job into Two or even Three roles:-

Results Coordinator:  Responsible for match scores in both League & Cups

General Secretary:  Everything else !

Why not have your say on our Banter Board.

Off the Wall Team Names
Our league has some great team names, but rather a lot of boring names as well.
Here are just a few of my 'Skittle-related' suggestions.  Use them if you dare !!

Alley BaBa's
Ball Breakers
Ball Busters
Ball Chuckers
Banter Boyz
Bell (Belle) Ends
Charlie's Rangers
Dirty Rascals
King Pins
Norton* Popular Front
Nucking Fumpties
Outside Chancers
Pin Busters
Pin Poachers
Radstock* Leg Ends
Ray D 8
Spare Chasers
The Juddermen
The Magnificent 7  plus Dave
The Skittle Squad
The Upchucks
Wonder Wingers

You are welcome to ad your own suggestions via the Banter Board
Avin a laff of what !   LOL

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