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Corona Virus:- 

The PDSL has suspended all League, Cup, Plate & Nomination Games  with immediate effect.  (8pm Monday 16th March)

Once the ALL CLEAR has been given by the government the PDSL will hold a Committee meeting to determine what options are open to us.  Then a Extraordinary Full meeting will be called to vote on these options.

It may be that some businesses / Pubs / Clubs will not survive this prolonged closure and some teams may move alleys or fold altogether.  But we hope for the best.        Be well, stay safe.


What are we going to do when this is all over.... ?
To be honest I'm not really sure, but whatever decision we come to it will be in the best interest of the members/teams. 

Option A
Restart the league & Cups where we left off, continuing the 2019-2020 season to it's conclusion whenever that may be.   Then have a Extra-ordinary AGM to decide what to do about the 2020-2021 season.

Option B
Void this season now.  No promotions/relegations and start again next season.  This again will depend on when we restart.

Option C
Count season as complete and calculate an average points score for teams that had postponed games, then adjust the tables accordingly and promote/relegate as normal.  This we could do now and then start a new season when we are allowed.          Option C -  Tables (recalculated Home & Away averages)

Option D
Any other ideas from you the members !?

Personally I prefer option A.

Meeting Minutes

Next Full Meeting
Unknown !
Inter League Charity Competition

This years competition was due to be played in Wells on 12th June.
This is now very unlikely to take place, for more information
please call Graham Whittock on 01761 434904.

Skittles Evolution:-  Cups !

One proposal is to keep the K.O. Cup open to All Teams.  

Keep the format 'as is'   However once you lose you are out, there will be no dropping in to the Plate !

Nomination CupDiv 1 & 2 only (32 teams)

Maurice Ladd Plate - Div 3 to 6 only (64 teams)  This will now be a competition in it's own right.

 (Maybe make this a Front Pin First competition ?!)

This proposal was debated long and hard and it is fair to say not all committee members were in favour.

So this proposal will be put to members at the AGM.  If rejected we will stay with the status quo.

At present 85% of league fees + website profits go to league funds.  15% of league fees go to charities.

I propose that 85% of league fees go to league funds and 15% of league fees + website profits go to charities.

We can achieve this by slightly lowering the prize money. First £250, 2nd £180, 3rd £130 for all league and cup prizes, as you can see it's not much of a reduction but we would be putting £250 - £300 extra into the charity pot for good causes each season. 

Paying your TEAM FEES !

As there will be fewer meetings to pay your League Fees, you can now pay by Bank Transfer if you wish.

Bank: TSB Midsomer Norton

Account name: Paulton & District Skittle League

Account no: 30440960

Sort code: 30-95-57

Ref: Your Team Name 


Alternatively you can pay your League Fees by Cheque.  Please make cheques payable to the  PAULTON & DISTRICT SKITTLE LEAGUE.  Please write your team name on back of the cheque and sent to the following address.

Dave Hazelton ( Treasurer)

103, Wesley Avenue





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The Paulton & District Skittle League annual charity donations,
known as the 'Ted Pack Memorial Fund'  will be given to

Skittle President Robin Thompson presenting a cheque for £1500
 to the mother of Harry Latchem for the Just4children Charity.
on 6th September 2019 @ Westhill Gardens Social Club.
Charity nominations are usually put forward at our May meeting or at our AGM.  Any member who wants to nominate a charity for next season can come along and put your nomination forward. - Thank you.
If you would like to put an ad on our site or you know of a local business that you think could benefit from advertising with us then please get them to contact the website manager.
Our ads start from as little as £25 per year.

Tel:- 07368 398615       Email:-

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