Paulton & District Skittle League

Paulton & District Skittle League - Rules

Season 2021 - 2022

A copy of these rules can be obtained from the 'Downloads' page.

Amendments highlighted in Red.


Special Rule 1

League Fees of £100 to be paid by all teams by the first meeting in September.

This will cover all league & cup fees, score books and charity levy for the season.

£85 will go to the league & £15 to a nominated charity.

All League Fees must be paid by 1st December 2021 or you may incur points deductions !

(League Fees will not be refunded if teams drop out of the league during the season)


Special Rule 2

The date and venue of the AGM is to be set by the League Secretary.

Any and all proposals or members wanting to be elected on to the board or committee

must be sent in writing to the secretary at least one week prior to the AGM.

 The committee will then discuss the proposals and accept or reject them.

Only accepted proposals will be put to the members to be voted on.


Special Rule 3

Any team or any team member acting in a violent or abusive manner at a skittle match or league function, will be dealt with by the Management Committee, who will determine what action to take.


Special Rule 4

All teams entering or re-entering the league must be able to play

all their matches in accordance with league fixtures.


General Rules 2021 – 2022


1.    The League Management Committee to consist of a duly elected President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer & the Website Manager, plus at least three representatives from teams in the league.

2.    Headquarters - No particular place to be named as Headquarters.  Venue for meetings to be selected by the League Secretary where a separate room and car parking facilities are available.  All league meetings start at 8pm.

3.    Voting - Each team to be entitled to only one vote on any matter put to a vote at league meetings.

4.    League Constitution - The League shall comprise of six divisions of sixteen teams.  If less than 96 teams apply to re-enter or enter the league the divisions will be adjusted accordingly. At the end of each season the top two teams in divisions 2 to 6 inclusive will be promoted and the bottom two teams in divisions 1 to 5 will be relegated.  In the event of two or more teams tying for promotion/ relegation/League Champions or wooden spoon the outcome will be decided by the head-to-head between the teams involved, first on points then on pins. If this is not decisive, a play-off on a neutral alley will take place. The 3rd place team in each division will win a prize for coming 3rd but not get automatic promotion, instead they will go into a one game play off against the team finishing 3rd from bottom in the division above, the higher division team getting home advantage. The winner will stay/go up and the loser will stay/go down.  If a team in divisions 1 to 6 inclusive resigns after the league has been constituted the secretary can accept another team to fill the vacancy, this team will assume the vacant position for the coming season only, and then be relegated  to the bottom division irrespective of final position in the higher division.  The team will receive prizes if appropriate. The constitution of the league will then be restored by promoting teams as necessary.

5.    All matches must be played.  No team may postpone a league match without first notifying the League Secretary. Teams must give at least 24 hours notice to the opposing captain or they will be liable for any expenses incurred by the opposing team up to a maximum of £30 (£15 for Sticker-up & £15 for food).   Postponed / Void matches must be re-arranged and played before the last league game of the season.  The League Secretary must be notified of the new date. If a team does not get co-operation from the opposing team they should report this to the league secretary, whereby the committee will decide what action to take.

6.   All matches to start at 8.45pm.  Late starts should be reported by either captain to the League Secretary.  If the away team is not present by 9 pm the home team may start the match.  If the away team is still not present at the start of the second leg ‘0’ pins shall be recorded for each player not present on the first leg, this procedure will then continue throughout the rest of the half.  If the home team is not present by 9 pm then the away team can start the match.  If opposition still not present at the start of the 2nd half the match is to be Void. Compensation can be claimed as per rule 5.  Should a player be called away during a match for any reason, a score of 3 pins per leg to be recorded for a league or cup match and 1 pin per leg for a nomination match.  This only applies to legs where the player is called away.  This rule does not apply to any player who is not present at the start of the match.  Infringements of this rule will be dealt with by the management committee.

7.   Result Cards from all matches must be forwarded by the home team to reach the league secretary by the Tuesday following the playing of the match. Cards must also contain players proper names and be signed by the captain of each team.  Persistent infringement of this rule will be dealt with by the management committee.

8.   Any team whose name incorporates the Pub or Club where they play shall not be allowed to change their name or alley without permission from their Landlord or Club Committee

9.   Any two teams from that play on the same alley and are in the same division to play one another before playing any other team.

10. A team shall consist of 8 players and all matches shall consist of 6 legs per player.  If a team has less than 7 players the match will be void.  Offending teams may be liable for any expenses incurred by the opposition, as per rule 5.

11.  All team to have a skittle score book, which must include a record of player’s names and matches played.  Score books can be obtained at the September meeting.

12.  If a team resigns from the league the points awarded to other teams in respect of matches played with that team shall be adjusted by the league secretary.

13.  At all matches the home team shall be responsible for paying the sticker up (minimum of £15) For cup semi and final matches the league will pay the sticker up fees of £15 and food £15.   For the Skittler of the Year final the league will pay £15 for sticker up but food will not be provided.

14.  Scoring: A match shall be decided by the number of pins knocked down. League matches scoring shall be 2 points for winning the first half, 2 points for winning the second half, and a further 2 points for winning the game.  One points each for any tie and Nil points for a loss. The maximum for each game is 6 points.

15.  The visiting team shall play with the type of balls and pins provided by the home team. The size of balls and pins shall be as in general use. Weighted pins or balls are not allowed.

16.  All spares shall be eligible for scoring.

17.  Pins leaving the diamond are deemed knocked down.  Balls not to be returned to the throwing area until all three balls have been delivered.

18.  If the front pin and front quarter pins are distinguishable from the rest of the pins they are to be used as such.   If they are not distinguishable then the pins can be erected in any position.

19.  Pins knocked down by a ball which hits the side of the alley before reaching the diamond, shall be deemed a ‘cush-ball’, pins shall be re-erected but the ball not returned.

20.  Players, when throwing must not advance beyond the line and the ball when delivered must land behind the line.  Violation of this rule shall be deemed a ‘no-ball’. Pins knocked down by a ‘no-ball’ will not be erected and the ball will not be returned. If the captains cannot agree, the dispute shall be decided by the toss of a coin.  If the captain is not present a member of the team must assume responsibility for captaincy.

21.  The league recommends there be 12ft between the overthrow line and the heel board, back wall or spectators.

22.  Transfers - No player shall play for more than one team without a transfer.  Transfer forms can be obtained from the league secretary of from the website.  The forms must be signed by all parties before being returned to the leagues secretary for approval.  Any player having already played in a cup competition shall be deemed ‘cup tied’ and will not be allowed to play for any other team in that competition.  Any team that plays an ineligible player will be deducted 6 points for league games or if a cup game their opponent will be awarded the round.

23.  Cup, Plate & Nomination Matches: – Home team to give two dates in separate weeks within one week of the draw, not to coincide with League games.  The Away team must accept one of the dates given within seven days.  Failure of either team to comply will mean automatic elimination from the competition. If the Home alley is not available then the Away team shall give two dates within 14 days of the draw. If the Home and Away alleys are not available, a neutral alley may be arranged.  Saturdays & Sundays not accepted as normal match days unless both teams agree. All matches to be played on or before the next meeting after the draw.

24.  In the event of a tie in a Cup competition, or play off, the second four players of both teams concerned must play extra legs until a result is obtained.

25.  Winners of cup games played on the night of the meeting/cup draw must notify their next round opponents by the following Monday.

26.  Clubs nominated to stage, Finals, Semi-Finals and Individuals are to provide a marker and sticker-up. Sticker-up fees for Individuals and Finals will be paid for by the League. The Management Committee will decide which alleys are suitable for Finals and Individuals.

27.  Skittler of the Year - All teams must send a representative to enter this 'all In' Individual Tournament. The Play-offs will be spread over 5 sections, with the 3 top scores in each section qualifying for the Final.   In the event of a tie a 3 ball play off will decide the qualifiers.  Prizes given for First, Second and Third places in each play-off section and Grand Final prizes for Tournament Winner, Runner Up and Third place. No substitutes will be allowed in the Final. This season 2021-2022 the 5th & 6th January 2022 has been reserved for the play off rounds, there are no league games planned for this week.

28.  Highest individual score for the season will count in league games only.

29.  All protest must be lodged with the League Secretary within 7 days of the match.

30.  The League Management Committee shall have the power to adjudicate in any matter covered or not covered in these rules. Offenders could be warned of future conduct, deducted points or refused re-entry for the following season.

Presentation of Trophies will be at the AGM

League & Cup Prize Money


       Each               Total

Divisional Prizes                         6 x League Winners                            £260                £1,560

6 x League Runners Up                      £190                £1,140

6 x Third Place                                    £150                 £900


K.O. Cup / Nomination Cup     2 x Winners                                         £260                  £520

2 x Runners Up                                   £190                  £380

4 x Beaten Semi Finalists                    £130                  £520


Maurice Ladd Plate.                  1 x Winners                                         £230                  £230

1 x Runners Up                                   £170                  £170

2 x Beaten Semi Finalists                    £130                  £260


‘Skittler of the Year’                  1 x Final Winners                               £150                  £150

Individual Tournament             1 x Final Runner Up                            £75                     £75

                                                      1 x Final Third Place                          £50                     £50

                                                      1 x Winners Trophy                             £30                     £30


  5 x Play Off Winners                          £30                    £150

  5 x Play Off Runners Up                    £20                    £100

  5 x Play Off Third                               £15                     £75



Highest Individual Score              1* x Winner                                       £50                     £50

(League Games Only)                            (* may be more than one winner)



                                                            Total Prize Money  =                                                 £6,360              


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