Paulton & District Skittle League

All Cup Draws & Results.

The Draws for Round 2 of the Plate/Nomination will be made at the Meeting on October 7th @ Prattens Club.

Round 2 of the K.O. Cup to be played by the Meeting on November 4th.  Round 3 will be drawn then.

Round 2 of the K.O Cup:-  The home teams (listed below) must give their opposition two dates in separate weeks and played before the League Meeting on November 4th, not to coincide with League games.  The Away team must accept one of the dates given within seven days.  Failure of either team to comply will mean automatic elimination from the competition.  If the Home alley is not available then the Away team shall give two dates within 14 days of the draw. If the Home and Away alleys are not available, a neutral alley may be arranged.  Saturdays & Sundays not accepted as normal match days unless both teams agree. All matches to be played on or before the next meeting after the draw.

Knock Out Cup - Round 2
(9 games + 23 Byes)
Games to be played by November 4th (Meeting Night)

Home Team
Away Team
P.O.W. Exiles v   Frolicking Farmers
Misfits v   Docile Drifters
Rob's Revival v   St Josephs B
Head Hunters v   Rancid Gruellers
Peasedown Sports v   Railway Ravers
Seven To One v   Mad Hatters
Fly By Nights v   White Hart
Charlton Aces v   Happy Wanderers
Miners v   Sopranos
617 Squadron get a Bye
Chewton Exiles get a Bye
Knighthawkes get a Bye
Artic Blonde get a Bye
High Park get a Bye
Alleywhackers get a Bye
Farmborough get a Bye
St Josephs A get a Bye
Lofty's 8 get a Bye
Norton Legion get a Bye
Octavo get a Bye
Purnells C.C. A get a Bye
Chilli Crew get a Bye
Roughedges get a Bye
Stones Cross get a Bye
Templars get a Bye
Mission Impossible get a Bye
Welton Exiles get a Bye
Nobbs Nuts or Mid Norton CC get a Bye
Beerbellies get a Bye
The Specials get a Bye
Magpies get a Bye
The 'B' Team get a Bye
Knock Out Plate - Round 1
(25 Games)

Home Team     Pins Away Team
Ali's Lot 293 295 Allsorts
Alley Cats 318  302  We should've won
Bonus Balls 300 299 Herberts
Clutton Social Club 323  298 Rebels
Fosseway Exiles 272   291 617 Squadron
Gravediggers 264  255  Beerbellies
Head Hunters 282 281  Railway Ravers
Mardons 8 294 298 Alleywhackers
Norton Legion 291 288  Sopranos
Odds & Sods 320 283 The Rec
Red Lion Diamonds 316 326 White Hart
Riverside Rollers     Prattens A
The Specials  301 244  Ivor's 8
Welton Exiles  1 2 Stones Cross
Artic Blonde  260 278  Making up the Numbers
Camshafters  297 315  Docile Drifters
Coleford Legion Rejects  278 290  Young Gunz
Headless Chickens  289 290  Haydon Hurricans
Large and in Charge  301 304  Smilies
Lionhearts  284 293  The Seven
Mad Hatters  266 306  Templars
Mat Thumpers  275  264 Dambusters
Mission Impossible  2  1 Tailenders
Rob's Revival  284 281  Nobby's Nuts
Wasters  259 224  Fly By Nights
Nomination Cup - Round 1
(16 Games)
Home Team     Pins Away Team
Chewton Exiles     Roughedges
Chilli Crew 214 190 Frolicking Farmers
Club A 193 213  Miners
Farmborough 139 194  P.O.W. Exiles
Happy Wanderers 229 210 Octavo
Jack's Blades 228 219 Mendip Boys
Pin Busters 207 153 Lofty's 8
St Josephs B 2 1 Radstock 8
Winsleys   144  187 Peasedown Sports 
High Park  216 148  Rancid Gruellers
Knighthawkes  226 171  Magpies
Mid Norton C.Club  244 215  Skyvers
Misfits  1 Purnells C.C. A
Seven To One  163 179  Pathetic Sharks
St Josephs A  150 240  Charlton Aces
The 'B' Team  144 187  Barking Hounds


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