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Meeting Minutes

Next meeting
Friday 6th Sept at
Westfield Club.  8pm
Skittlers Needed

Welton Rovers needs 1 or 2 new players for next season.  We play at Welton Rovers on Wednesdays and if you would like to join us then please email Simon at - Thank you.

League Blog

Moving Skittles Forward:-

I have some revolutionary ideas for the future of the Cup competitions...... curious ?  then please read on.

We now have just 6 divisions making a total of 96 teams, this will present problems with Byes in all cups. 

My solution is to keep the Nomination Cup open to All Teams.  So we start with 96 teams >48 >24 >12 >6 then play a THREE way Final.

Knock Out Cup for Div 1-3 only:  48 teams >24 >12 >6 then a THREE way Final.

M.L. Plate for Div 4-6 only:  48 teams >24 >12 >6 then a THREE way Final

This will eliminate the need for Byes !   We could accommodate these Finals by starting at 8.15pm.   

ALL finals could be played the week after the last league game of the season on a Wed or Thurs as these days are now free because we no longer have a Carnival 'Free' week.

Also standardise all prize money.... for more details have a peek at the file below.                          Keith

Standardised Cups & Prizes.pdf Standardised Cups & Prizes.pdf
Size : 12.42 Kb
Type : pdf

Changes from last season:-

Name Changes:-
Radstock Town Social Club to Radstock 8 and now play on Thurs at Radstock Working Mens Club.
Red Lion Diamonds to Diddy Diamonds and now play on Wed at High Littleton Football Club.

Alley Changes:-
The Seven now play on Wed at Haydon Que Club.
Camshafters now play on Thur at Tuckers Grave.
Rebels now play on Thur at Westhill Gardens
Taxi Joes now play on Thur at the Greyhound

There have also been a number of captain and contact details changed.  Please check the Captain's Log page.

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The Paulton & District Skittle League annual charity donations,
known as the 'Ted Pack Memorial Fund'  will be given to
Charity nominations are usually put forward at our May meeting or at our AGM.  Any member who wants to nominate a charity for next season can come along and put your nomination forward. - Thank you.
If you would like to put an ad on our site or you know of a local business that you think could benefit from advertising with us then please get them to contact the website manager.
Our ads start from as little as £25 per year.

Thank you -  Tel; 07834 173073   E-

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