Paulton & District Skittle League

Final Tables 2018-2019

Paulton & District Skittle League
2019 - 2020 Season
Late Results = 0

Postponed = 0

League Constitution

Division 1    
1 Knighthawkes Thur Radstock W.M.Club
2 Purnells C.C. A Thur Purnells C.Club
3 Happy Wanderers Wed High Litleton Rec' Club
4 St Josephs B Wed Peasedown C.Club
5 St Josephs A Thur Peasedown C.Club
6 P.O.W. Exiles Thur Peasedown C.Club
7 Winsleys Thur Peasedown C.Club
8 Mid Norton C.Club Thur Mid Norton C.Club
9 Somer Sets Wed Farrington Hall
10 Chewton Exiles Thur Crown, Clapton
11 Octavo Thur Welton Rovers
12 Welton Rovers Wed Welton Rovers
13 Woodstones Wed Timsbury Legion
14 Miners Wed Radstock Town F.C.
15 Charlton Aces Wed Dolphin, Welton
16 Magpies Thur Railway, Radstock

Division 2    
17 Skyvers Thur Welton Rovers
18 Radstock 8 Thur Radstock W.M.Club
19 Crown Jewels Wed Crown, Clapton
20 Misfits Thur High Littleton Rec' Club
21 Peasedown Rebels Wed Radstock W.M.Club
22 Docile Drifters Thur The Bell, Leigh on Mendip
23 Frolicking Farmers Thur Ring O Bells, Priston
24 Pathetic Sharks Wed Mid Norton C.Club
25 Club A Wed Radstock W.M.Club
26 Pioneers Wed Riverside Club
27 The 'B' Team Thur Jolliffe, Kilmersdon
28 Roughedges Thur Norwest Bowls Club
29 Rocky's Lot Thur Riverside Club
30 Farmborough Wed Timsbury Legion
31 High Park Wed Paulton Rovers
32 Head Hunters Wed Kings Head, Coleford

Division 3    
33 Seven To One Thur Purnells C.Club
34 Bees Wed Haydon Que Club
35 Lionhearts Thur Haydon Que Club
36 Allsorts Wed Crown, Clapton
37 Odds & Sods Wed Westhill Gardens
38 Barking Hounds Thur Dolphin, Welton
39 Chilli Crew Wed Norwest Bowls Club
40 Muppets Thur Peasedown C.Club
41 Wasters Thur White Hart
42 Mendip Boys Thur White Hart
43 Alleywhackers Thur Crossways, Mid Norton
44 Norton Legion Wed Mid Norton Social Club
45 Jack's Blades Wed Jolliffe, Kilmersdon
46 Rancid Gruellers Thur Riverside Club
47 Tailenders Wed Kings Head, Coleford
48 Gravediggers Thur Radstock Hotel

Division 4    
49 Bonus Balls Thur Welton Rovers
50 Ali's Lot Wed Crossways, Mid Norton
51 Lofty's 8 Thur Mid Norton Social Club
52 Peasedown Sports Wed Peasedown C.Club
53 Rebels Thur Westhill Gardens
54 Clutton Social Club Wed Clutton Social Club
55 Ringomortis Wed Ring O Bells, Priston
56 Stones Cross Thur Mid Norton C.Club
57 Herberts Wed Farrington Hall
58 Headless Chickens Thur Crown, Clapton
59 Beerbellies Thur Jolliffe, Kilmersdon
60 T8 Rabble Wed Welton Rovers
61 Making up the Numbers Wed Jolliffe, Kilmersdon
62 Camshafters Thur Tuckers Grave
63 Wanderers Thur Paulton Rovers
64 Fly By Nights Wed Coleford Legion

Division 5    
65 Mad Hatters Thur Mardons Club
66 Ivor's 8 Thur Mardons Club
67 Haydon Hurricans Thur Haydon Que Club
68 Rob's Revival Thur Mid Norton Social Club
69 Templars Thur Clutton Social Club
70 Mat Thumpers Thur Dolphin, Welton
71 Badger Boys Wed Fox & Badger, Wellow
72 Coleford Legion Rejects Thur Coleford Legion
73 Radstock Relics Wed Radstock W.M.Club
74 Fosseway Exiles Wed Riverside Club
75 Mision Impossible Thur Welton Rovers
76 The Norwest Ten Thur Norwest Bowls Club
77 Dambusters Wed White Hart
78 Artic Blonde Thur Kings Head, Coleford
79 Railway Ravers Wed Railway, Radstock
80 Prattens A Wed Prattens Club

Division 6    
81 Smilies Thur Radstock W.M.Club
82 The Seven Wed Haydon Que Club
83 Diddy Diamonds Wed High Littleton Rec' Club
84 The Rec Thur High Littleton Rec' Club
85 Prattens B  Wed Mardons Club
86 After Nines Wed Mardons Club
87 Eagles Thur Coleford Legion
88 Alley Cats Wed Mid Norton C.Club
89 Taxi Joes Thur The Greyhound
90 Welton Exiles Wed Red Post, Peasdown
91 Leigh Lyons Thur Crossways, Mid Norton
92 Fleur De Lys Wed Fleur De Lys, N St Philip
93 Mother Tuckers Thur Tuckers Grave
94 White Hart Wed White Hart
95 617 Squadron Wed Radstock WM Club
96 Sopranos Thur Paulton Rovers

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