Paulton & District Skittle League

Skittler of the Year - Individual Tournament

Please check where you are playing - try to be at venue by 8.30pm.  Thank you all & Good Luck

Skittler of the Year 2023-2024

The Play Offs

The Final will be held at Prattens Club
 on Friday 19th Jan (After Meeting)

Late Changes in Red

 Play Off  1  @  Haydon Que Club - Wed 3rd Jan 2024
Adjudicators - Graham & Keith
1Head Hunters9Tailenders
2The 'B' Team10Beerbellies
3Docile Drifters11Mardons 8
4Ivor's 812Mad Hatters
5Making up the Numbers13Smilies
6Pin Busters14Camshafters
7Jack's Blades15Fly By Nights
8Artic Blonde16 
Play Off  2  @  Timsbury Legion - Wed 3rd Jan 2024
Adjudicator - Dave Hazelton
2Nobby's Nuts10Nine Left Standing
3High Park11Purnells CC A
4The Rec12Herberts
5Split Happens13Misfits
6St Josephs A14Chewton Exiles
7Happy Wanderers15Red Lion Diamonds
8Clutton Social Club16 
Play Off 3 @ Mid Norton C C - Wed 3rd Jan 2024
Adjudicators - Ron & Derek Edgell
1Fosseway Exiles9Welton Exiles
2Wasters10Frolicking Farmers
3Mendip Boys11Mat Thumpers
4Dambusters12Crossway Taverners
5Large and in Charge13Riverside Rollers
6Rancid Gruellers14Roughedges
7Rob's Revival15Farmborough
Play Off 4 @ Mardons Club - Thursday 4th Jan 2024
Adjudicator - Paul Derrick
1Magpies9Club A
2617 Squadron10The Specials
3Odds & Sods11Haydon Hurricans
4Rebels12P.O.W Exiles
5Sopranos13Seven to One
6Mission Impossible14Allsorts
8Railway Ravers16 
Play Off 5 @ The Riverside Club. MsN - Thursday 4th Jan 2024
Adjudicators - Keith & Graham
1Pathetic Sharks9Charlton Aces
2Headless Chickens10Norton Legion
2Barking Hounds11Bonus Balls
4Prattens A12Stones Cross
5Skyvers13Mid Norton C.Club
6Gravediggers14Lofty's 8
7Alley Cats15Octavo
8Young Gunz16Chilli Crew

Clive Hobbs - (The Specials) 2022-23
Jon Lovelady - (Purnells CC A) 2021-22
Dave Kerley - (Lionhearts)  2019-20
Tony Bennett - (Somer Sets)  2018-19
Paul Derrick - (POW Exiles)  2017-18
Ivan Stinchcombe - (Crown Jewels) 2016-17

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