Paulton & District Skittle League

Rules regarding cup matches. 

23.  Cup, Plate & Nomination Matches: – Home team to give two dates in separate weeks within one week of the draw, not to coincide with league games.  The away team must accept one of the dates given within seven days.  Failure of either team to comply will mean automatic elimination from the competition. If the Home alley is not available then the Away team shall give two dates within 14 days of the draw. If the Home and Away alleys are not available, a neutral alley may be arranged.  Saturdays & Sundays not accepted as normal match days unless both teams agree. All matches to be played on or before the next meeting after the draw.

24.  In the event of a tie in a Cup competition, or play off, the second four players of both teams concerned must play extra legs until  a result is obtained.

25.  Winners of cup games played on the night of the meeting/cup draw, must notify their next round opponents by the following Monday.

Note:-  Next and Final meeting is on

Friday 10th May @ Peasedown C Club @ 8pm

K.O. Cup - Final

Happy Wanderers  v  Purnells CC A or Knighthawkes 

Maurice Ladd Plate - Semi Finals

Rancid Gruellers   v   Seven to One

Magpies   v   POW Exiles
Nomination Cup - Quarter Finals
to be played by 12th April.

Winsleys  v Purnells CC A
Happy Wanderers  v  Somer Sets
Winners to play each other in Semi Final 1

T8 Rabble  v  Bees
The 'B' Team  v  Knighthawkes
Winners to play each other in Semi Final 2

Semi Finals to be played by next meeting


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