Paulton & District Skittle League

K.O. Cup - Round 1
Wednesday 5th September
Home Team   Away Team Venue
After Nines v Radstock Relics Mardons Club
All Sorts v Odds & Sods Crown, Clapton
Ali's Lot v Templars Crossways, Mid Norton
Bees v Badger Boys Haydon Que Club
Club A v Pioneers Radstock W.M.Club
Clutton Social Club v Leigh Lyons Clutton Social Club
Dambusters v Stones Cross White Hart, Mid Norton
Denis's Menaces v Que Club A Paulton Rovers
Farmborough v High Park Timsbury Legion
Fly By Nights v Crown Jewels Coleford Legion
Fosseway Exiles v Eagles Riverside Club, Mid Norton
Happy Wanderers v Radstock Town S.C. High Littleton F.C.
Headhunters v Wasters Kings Head, Coleford
Herberts v Winsleys Farrington Hall
Jacks Blades v Welton Rovers Jolliffe, Kilmersdon
Peasedown Rebels v Rockys Lot Radstock W.M.Club
St Josephs B v Robs Revival Peasedown C.Club
Prattens A v Alley Cats Prattens Club
Rebels v Woodstones Prattens Club
Red Lion Diamonds v Taxi Joes Red Lion, Paulton
Welton Exiles v Smilies Red Post, Peasdown
Norton Legion v Miners Mid Norton Social Club
Ringomortis v St Josephs A Ring O Bells, Priston
Chilli Crew v The Rec Norwest Bowls Club
T8 Rabble v Somer Sets Welton Rovers
Thursday 6th September
Home v Away  Venue
Alleywhackers v Lionhearts Crossways, Mid Norton
Artic Blonde v Wagon & Horses Kings Head, Coleford
B.M.F.'s v Tailenders Radstock Town F.C.
Barking Hounds v Fleur De Lys Dolphin, Welton
Beerbellies v White Hart Jolliffe, Kilmersdon
Bonus Balls v Seven To One Welton Rovers
Camshafters v Making up the Numbers Ring O Bells, Priston
Chewton Exiles v Skyvers Crown, Clapton
Coleford Legion Rejects v R.B.S.Ltd Coleford Legion
The Seven v Mat Thumpers Radstock W.M.Club
Gravediggers v Railway Ravers Radstock Hotel
Haydon Hurricans v Prattens B Haydon Que Club
Ivors 8 v Docile Drifters Mardons Club
Knighthawkes v Wanderers Radstock W.M.Club
Loftys 8 v Pathetic Sharks Mid Norton Social Club
Magpies v Mother Tuckers Railway, Radstock
Mendip Boys v Mad Hatters White Hart, Mid Norton
Mid Norton C.Club v The "B" Team Mid Norton C.Club
Misfits v Frolicking Farmers High Littleton F.C.
Mision Impossible v 617 Squadron Welton Rovers
Muppets v Peasedown Sports Peasedown C.Club
P.O.W. Exiles v Octavo Peasedown C.Club
Purnells C.C. A v West End Purnells C.Club
Rancid Gruellers v Charlton Aces Riverside Club, Mid Norton
Roughedges v The Norwest Ten Norwest Bowls Club
Sopranos v Headless Chickens Paulton Rovers
Nomination Cup - Round 1
Wednesday 12th September
Home Team   Away Team Venue
617 Squadron v Peasedown Rebels Radstock W.M.Club
Alley Cats v After Nines Peasedown C.Club
Badger Boys v Happy Wanderers Fox & Badger, Wellow
Crown Jewels v Welton Exiles Crown, Clapton
Fleur De Lys v All Sorts Fleur De Lys, Norton St Philip
High Park v Chewton Exiles Paulton Rovers
Making up the Numbers v Bees Jolliffe, Kilmersdon
Miners v Knighthawkes Radstock Town F.C.
Pioneers v Mision Impossible Riverside Club, Mid Norton
Que Club A v B.M.F.'s Haydon Que Club
Odds & Sods v Rebels Westhill Gardens, Westfield
Pathetic Sharks v Clutton Social Club Mid Norton C.Club
Peasedown Sports v Gravediggers Peasedown C.Club
Prattens B v Muppets Prattens Club
R.B.S.Ltd v Artic Blonde Coleford Legion
Radstock Relics v Roughedges Radstock W.M.Club
Railway Ravers v T8 Rabble Railway, Radstock
Somer Sets v Herberts Farrington Hall
Tailenders v Fosseway Exiles Kings Head, Coleford
Wagon & Horses v St Josephs B Wagon & Horses, Peasedown
Welton Rovers v Ivors 8 Welton Rovers
West End v Misfits Mardons Club
White Hart v P.O.W. Exiles White Hart, Mid Norton
Woodstones v Farmborough Timsbury Legion
Charlton Aces v Bonus Balls Dolphin, Welton
Thursday 13th September
Home v Away  Venue
Docile Drifters v Red Lion Diamonds The Bell, Leigh on Mendip
Eagles v Camshafters Coleford Legion
Frolicking Farmers v The Seven Ring O Bells, Priston
Headless Chickens v Denis's Menaces Crown, Clapton
Leigh Lyons v Purnells C.C. A Crossways, Mid Norton
Lionhearts v Coleford Legion Rejects Haydon Que Club
Mad Hatters v Chilli Crew Mardons Club
Mat Thumpers v Rancid Gruellers Dolphin, Welton
Mother Tuckers v Prattens A Tuckers Grave
Octavo v Beerbellies Welton Rovers
Radstock Town S.C. v Ali's Lot Radstock Town F.C.
Robs Revival v Haydon Hurricans Mid Norton Social Club
Rockys Lot v Fly By Nights Riverside Club, Mid Norton
Seven To One v Mid Norton C.Club Purnells C.Club
Skyvers v Mendip Boys Welton Rovers
Smilies v Dambusters Radstock W.M.Club
St Josephs A v Jacks Blades Peasedown C.Club
Stones Cross v Magpies Mid Norton C.Club
Taxi Joes v Alleywhackers Duke of Cumberland
Templars v Ringomortis Clutton Social Club
The "B" Team v Loftys 8 Jolliffe, Kilmersdon
The Norwest Ten v Sopranos Norwest Bowls Club
The Rec v Barking Hounds High Littleton F.C.
Wanderers v Club A Paulton Rovers
Wasters v Norton Legion White Hart, Mid Norton
Winsleys v Headhunters Peasedown C.Club


23.    Cup, Plate & Nomination Matches: – Home team to give two dates in separate weeks within one week of the draw, not to coincide with League games.  The Away team must accept one of the dates given within seven days.  Failure of either team to comply will mean automatic elimination from the competition. If the Home alley is not available then the Away team shall give two dates within 14 days of the draw. If the Home and Away alleys are not available, a neutral alley may be arranged.  Saturdays & Sundays not accepted as normal match days unless both teams agree. All matches to be played on or before the next meeting after the draw.

25.  Winners of cup games played on the night of the meeting/cup draw must notify their next round opponents by the following Monday.


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