Paulton & District Skittle League

Trial for 2023-24 Season

(These result forms go to Website manager not Graham !)


E-Result Form




 E-Result Form


At the moment this form should be in addition to your Score Card not to replace it..... Yet !
All forms are submitted to the Website Manager not the League Secretary.

All Score Cards must be sent to Graham by the Wednesday morning following the match..

E-Result Form guide.

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a.  Postponed match from week 5

b.  Dave Thompson (Dodgy Geezers) hit 72

c.  Rebel Rousers were LATE.  (9.15pm. No excuse given !)

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Hopefully in the near future we can set up a quicker way of recording match scores.  Ideally we could to set up a WhatsApp Skittle Community.  Whereby you can text in your team scores directly.  But as I say that may be a few years away.

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